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Multiple Tracking
Device For Vehicles

Commercial businesses running all over the world require a tracking system where they can track and analyze the productivity and efficiency of the activities taking place.
Through SmarTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System, everything can be managed without any hassle and even on a single screen.


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Real-Time Tracking

Track real time vehicle speed, movements and stoppages

Fuel Tracker

Usefull for cost cutting and to track fuel consumption.

Geo Fencing

Setup Virtual Boundaries on map for home and kids school to get notified when your kids reach home/school.

Vehicle Health Report

A weekly and monthly vehicle heath report that helps you in maintenance.

Anti Theft & SOS

Setup Time frame and Anti Theft Alarm notifies you when car is driven in that frame. and SOS for any danger.

Driver Behaviour Track

Whether your driver is drunk or snoozing while driving you will get notified.

Areas - Where You Can Use SmarTrack


Commercial vehicles or fleet vehicles want to track and analyze their productivity and want to measure their fuel efficiency and maintenance of the vehicle. In this case, a GPS Vehicle Tracking System will be effective in tracking the efficiency of the activities taking place.
Good for cost-cutting and vehicle maintenance.

Zaire Curtis

Courier Delivery

You can track real-time location so that if there are any delays you can easily locate and find out the problem and solve it. For the security reasons also this is a great system to have. At any point, if anything happens with the consignment or someone tries to steal it you will know it by tracking the location of the courier or

Dulce Franci

Marketing Firms

As employees come and go, managers can see who’s on-work, where their employees are right now. Best of all, when it’s time to run payroll, employees can rest assured they’re being paid for every second they spend on-work. 72% of employees surveyed, who have used this report a positive experience. Overall, It helps managers with employee work tracking.

Jakob Vetrovs

School's Buses

Tracking of school buses can help in finding out the best possible route and also help to prevent any mishappening. This system is effective in tracking Fuel consumption, Vehicle maintenance, Student safety, Route mapping, Tyre Pressure and also you can check drivers driving behaviour on weekly and monthly bases.

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