OCM Overbed Table - Take your bed to the next level

OCM overbed  features take your bed to the next level:
▶ OCM overbed 4 power outlet and 4 USB charging ports make you are always connected. Charging your laptop, tablet or smartphone from your bed has never been easier. Simply select power outlets to match the standard outlets in your country.
▶ OCM overbed LED lights make your bedroom brighter without having to turn on your main lights. Select color, mode and brightness to match your mood using your included remote control.
▶ A smartphone, tablet or laptop sound quality is never great. No more. OCM overbed built-in Bluetooth stereo speakers let you to connect your devices to enjoy amazing audio quality. OCM overbed is the first “home theater system” for your bed.
▶ Power cord will never bother you because it automatically retracts. Included OCM overbed “cable stop” perfectly adjusts your power cord without pulling the power outlet.
▶ OCM overbed has 2 drawers, so that you can keep everything in reach, organized and clean.
▶ OCM overbed raised edges assure no spills and no items falling on your bed.
▶ OCM overbed legs have 4 casters that gently glide on any floor type.
▶ OCM overbed height is adjustable to fit any bed, and you can choose between Standard legs or High legs.
▶ Select OCM overbed color to perfectly match or complement your bedroom design.
▶ OCM overbed is suitable for both small and large surfaces. You can store it at the end of the bed, or slide it completely away from your bed. Glide it anywhere against a wall in your room to turn OCM overbed into a connected desk, console table, or table for sofas or recliners.

OCM Overbed - ₹6499 30% Off

After a long day, we all look forward to relax in the most comfortable place on earth: OUR BED. Most modern beds are comfortable, but lack practicality, and their design hasn’t changed in centuries. It’s time to upgrade and modernize the functionality of the furniture we spend so much of our life in.

OCM lets you:
➡ Use your laptop and read in bed with great comfort. Say goodbye to painful postures
➡ Eat and drink in bed without spills and drops. Enjoy your Sunday Brunch
➡ Comfortably watch your favorite movies & videos in bed. No more laptop overheating
➡ Always stay cozy tucked in under the covers no matter what you do in bed
➡ Work anytime while staying in bed. Change the concept of “work” to “work-in-bed”

OCM is delivered into a strong carton box. OCM legs are disassembled and placed under the table top for transport. The carton box includes:
▪ OCM table top with drawers
▪ OCM legs, placed under the table top
▪ 14 legs screws, to assemble the legs to the table top
▪ Tool (Torx key)
▪ Spare fuse
▪ Remote control for the lights
▪ Cable stop with its 2 locking screws
▪ Assembly instructions & User guide